Refurbished Shower Room for First Floor Flat in Bicester Town

Even the most unusual or awkward spaces can be transformed in a shower room renovation

CBKI were commissioned to completely refurbish the shower room in a first floor apartment that had suffered some deterioration resulting from an undetected small water leak occurring over a long period of time.  A complete strip out and replacement of the floor deck and timbers was necessary before beginning work on the new floor and wall tiling.  The photos illustrate just how a compact space can be reconfigured to work beautifully as a modern shower room.

The shower tray selected for this project is Volente 1200 x 700 ABS stone resin white tray.

CBKI’s Installation Manager advised our client throughout the design, planning and installation to ensure that the finished space was exactly as the client visualised.

We’re full of bright ideas when it comes to making the most of your small bathroom.  Contact Kit Padmore on 07495 796 733 or email to find out more about how we can help create the perfect shower room for your space!